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Mountain Lore Farm is a family owned and operated farm located in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  We live on the farm in a 1750  brown stone farm house (with additions added in the early 1800's).  The brown stone used to build the house came from the nearby fields.  Our 1850's barn serves as the workshop for Mountain Lore Carvings (our sister company).  We grow our own vegetables and herbs in our gardens and apples, plums and cherries in our orchard.  Our bees provide us honey and beeswax; but more importantly, are busy working our  gardens and orchard.  We can and freeze our veggies throughout the summer and enjoy them all year long.  Our goal is to provide fresh nutritious food and products for our family, friends, neighbors and customers.  

The farm is home to chickens, quail, rabbits, goats, dogs, cats, bees and one hermit crab.  Everyone has a job (except the crab - he just hangs out.)  Our egg layers are free range and pastured.  They are very social and come running when they hear us come outside.  The yolks of their eggs are a deep yellow to orange color showing the quality of their free range diet.  We raise our own chickens for meat and quail as well - providing fresh quality meat for the table.  Our quail provide us with tiny, delicious eggs that are great on salads or simply hard boiled.  Our goats are currently in training and are learning agility skills.  When the windows are open, you can hear their bells ringing as they explore the pasture.  Our goal is to add sheep, pigs, donkeys and more bees to the farmstead.

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