Pumpkin Spice - $6.00

Anise Star - $6.00

Christmas Spirit - $6.00

Orange - $6.00

Dark Amber Lavender - $6.00

Chocolate  - $6.00

Honey and Oatmeal - $6.00

Pine - $6.00

Grapefruit - $6.00

Blueberry - $6.00

Pine w/Pine Needles - $6.00

Soap Scents

Handcrafted Quality

All of our soaps are made with nutrient rich goat milk.  The soap has a great lather and moisturizes your skin. Essential oils are added for fragrance.  We do not use dye in our soaps.  The soap will vary in color due to trace.  We often see a variance of color from batch to batch due to the freshness of the goat milk.  Our soaps are poured into farm animal shaped molds and packaged in recyclable cardboard. Soap shapes are chosen at random. 

Peppermint - $6.00

Apple Cider - $6.00

Oatmeal Lager - $6.00

                             [no added fragrance]

Stoudt - $6.00

Our webpage is under construction.  If you would like to purchase a product, please email us at MountainLoreFarm@yahoo.com.  Our webpage will be fully functioning by the end of next week.  We apologize for the inconvenience.